F U T U R E   P L A N S

A New show in development

Single Shoe is developing a new show and we are very excited about our new project!

"I am a citizen of Europe, a Portuguese national of Angolan descent, a British resident and a spouse of an American national. I am the “other” in all official forms."


Our newest work A Wall Between Us (working title) will look at what we give up in order to belong to a place. 
As a company founded by immigrants, we constantly strive to better understand our relationships to our community and the world. Drawing upon personal experiences, community discussions, books, academic papers and the diverse voices of a multinational team of artists, we will investigate where we think we belong and why. 

Blending interactive video projections & audience interaction, A Wall Between Us uses digital live performance and physical comedy to create a unique, inventive and accessible piece of theatre.

Creative team

Creators and performers - Filipa Tomas & Bradley Smith

Creative Associate - Christopher Howell

Outside-eye - George Siena

Projection Design Consultant - Simon Wainwright

Scenic Designer - Claire Halleran


St Georges Theatre, Great Yarmouth

Derby Theatre

Developed with the support of National Lottery through Arts Council England 


And the support of Cornerstone Arts Centre, Eden Arts & National Theatre of Scotland

Single Shoe Productions Ltd.

UK Limited Company 12787974