F U T U R E   P L A N S

A New show in development

Single Shoe is developing a new show and we are very excited about our new project!

The new theatre piece is about the precarious nature of crossing between worlds.


A Wall Between Us (working title) looks at what we give up in order to belong to a place. The story centres on two immigration officers who work across the cubicle wall from each other. What starts as a story of petty office aggression spins out into an urgent investigation on what we give up when we strive to belong. And it is a show about realizing that no matter where we come from, we share more similarities than differences.

A Wall Between Us (working title) emphasises our human similarities and inspire us to re-examine whom we connect with. We believe this is needed more now than ever.


Using interactive video projections, audience interaction, live sound and cinematic sci-fi imagery, A Wall Between Us uses digital live performance and physical comedy to create a unique, inventive and accessible piece of theatre.

Creative team

Creators and performers - Filipa Tomas & Bradley Smith

Dramaturg - Katharine Markwick

Projection Designers - Simon Wainwright and David Callanan

Research Consultant - Prof Jason Hart


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