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C R A Z Y   G L U E

"Original and inspired. A striking transformation of my story" - Etgar Keret

"two exceedingly talented and elastic performers" - What's On

"A touching piece of theatre" - A Younger Theatre

A Tragicomedy About Loss

They have a car in the garage, a chicken in the pot and a child on the way. But is that enough to make true love stick?


CRAZY GLUE follows the comedic roller coaster of a couple’s romance as they move from the blossoming of first love through to the thornier terrain of married life. Inspired by the physical comedy of Buster Keaton and the madcap absurdity of Looney Tunes, Single Shoe Productions create a fusion of silent film nostalgia and cartoon antics. The captivating cast of two blend vocal sound effects, quirky humour and an evocative 1930’s soundtrack to reveal the mad, messy , sticky side of love.


Without using a single word CRAZY GLUE combines clowning, dance and mime into a universally accessible show guaranteed to enchant all ages and nationalities.

CRAZY GLUE was developed in partnership with The Nursery Theatre, Blue Elephant Theatre, OvalHouse, Marine Theatre and The Pleasance Theatre. 

It received critical acclaim in Edinburgh and toured to over 40 Venues in the UK, USA, Germany and Bulgaria.

CRAZY GLUE was supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Creative Scotland.


Running time: 65 minutes, no interval 

Age guidance: +10


Creative Team:

Creators & Performers – Filipa Tomas and Bradley Wayne Smith

Dramaturge - Katharine Markwick

Movement Director - Bert Roman

Lighting Designer - Catherine Webb

Costume Designer - Erin Nugent 

Scenic Designer - Anne Gry

Carpentry & Welding - Stephen Forge

Dance Choreographer - Antony Palmer

Clown consultant - Alex Swift


Touring Technicians:

Ina Berggren (UK, Germany, Bulgaria Tours)

Lucy Adams (UK & Scotland Tours)

Keilidh Whyte (Edinburgh Run)

Alex Fernandes (London Run)


Áine Flanagan (Edinburgh & London runs)

Callum Smith (Scotland Tour)

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